Bec’s Birthday Beets

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½ c Pine nuts
½ c Mead, semi-sweet
6 Golden beets
3 T Rice wine vinegar
3 T White balsamic vinegar
1 Orange, zested & juiced
18 Black peppercorns
4 oz Chevre
4 oz Mascarpone
4 sprigs Tarragon, fresh
2 T Honey
¼ t grains of paradise, fine ground
1 Shallot, minced
1 Pomegranate, separated
½ T Butter
¼ c Pistachios


Soak pine nuts in ½ c mead for 2 hours.

Strain nuts and reserve liquid.

Wash, peel and trim beets, reserve peels and trimmings.

Slice 5 beets on mandolin to thin coins.

Combine 2 T rice wine vinegar, 2 T white balsamic vinegar, 1 t orange zest, 2 T orange juice.

Place beet coins in vacuum bags with 6 peppercorns & 2 T of vinegar mixture each then vacuum & seal.

Sous vide at 185 F for 90 minutes then remove from water and cool to room temperature.

Open bags and reserve cooking liquid.

Wrap trimmings in foil and grill on high until completely charred.

Grind ash to fine powder.

Grind 1 T of pistachios with 2 T of the beet ash until fine then force through chinois, set aside.

Combine cheeses, tarragon, honey, ½ of the shallot, grains of paradise, pine nuts and process.

Add just enough of the reserved mead to keep it processing.

Quarter last beet and place in sauce pot with remaining shallot,  mead, vinegars and orange juice then simmer for 30 min.

Reserve ¼ c of the pomegranate seeds and place the rest in the sauce pot and simmer for a few minutes.

Combine contents of sauce pot with reserved beet cooking liquid and puree.

Force through chinois and discard pulp.

Add butter to liquid and swirl until combined, cool to room temperature.

To Plate:

Place a layer of arugula on large serving plate.

Place ½ t of cheese mixture in the center of every other beet slice and top with a beet slice.

Arrange on top of arugula.

Spoon ½ C of sauce over beets.

Sprinkle ash mixture over beets.

Scatter remaining pomegranate seeds and pistachios over plate.


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