Salmon Sous Vide with Rhubarb Sauce


One salmon fillet was poached in ghee and the other in a rhubarb reduction, then served with a rhubarb sauce.

Poached Salmon

2 salmon steaks
1 T ghee
salt, pinch
1 T rhubarb sauce juice (see below)
rhubarb sauce (see below)
black pepper

Place one piece of salmon in a bag with ghee and a pinch of salt then vacuum seal gently…only enough to get most of the air out, but not compress the fish.
Place the second piece of salmon in a bag with rhubarb sauce juice and a pinch of salt then seal as above.
Sous vide at 118 F for 30 minutes.
Crack a little black pepper over fish and serve with rhubarb sauce.

Rhubarb Sauce

5 strands saffron
4 cubeb berries
pinch of sugar
150 g rhubarb
30 g honey
1 T ghee
1/4 C water

Grind the spices with the sugar with a mortar & pestle.
Add all, except water, to a small pot and simmer  until rhubarb turns to mush.
Add water and force a small amount of the sauce through a chinois to yield 1 T of juice.


The fish poached with the sauce was a little bit firmer, but both were perfection…

I had some of the leftovers for breakfast with scrambled eggs and an english muffin and was rather pleased with the combination.




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