Basil Chestnut Cake with Strawberries

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355 F
9×9 square pan, greased
184g chestnuts, steamed
200ml milk
5 eggs separated
200g caster sugar
100g butter
100g pastry flour
1 T dark cocoa powder
1 T basil powder
mascarpone cream (see below)
strawberry mixture (see below)
Simmer chestnuts in milk for 15 minutes, puree and cool to room temp.
Cream sugar and egg yolks.
Add butter.
Add chestnut mixture.
Add cocoa and basil.
Add flour.
In a separate bowl, whip egg whites to soft peak.
Fold into other mixture.
Smooth into pan and bake for 20 to 30 minutes.
Once cake is cool (it might shrink a little) top with mascarpone cream & strawberry mixture.

mascarpone cream

4oz mascarpone
1 C heavy cream
50g caster sugar

Whip together to soft peak.

strawberry mixture

16 oz strawberries, chopped
1 t white balsamic vinegar
1 T basil, chiffonade
50 g caster sugar

Combine all and let rest for at least 30 minutes



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